AEG and the Staples Center for Sports and Entertainment in Los Angeles held a celebratory event marking the completion of the deployment of Bloom Energy fuel cell technology.    Former Vice President Al Gore joined executives from AEG, Bloom Energy, Green Sports Alliance and the City of Los Angeles to “Flip the Switch” on the recently installed Bloom Energy fuel cells that will provide on-site generation to the Staples Center.

Bloom Energy Fuel Cells.htm2

The 500 kW solid oxide fuel cell project will provide approximately 25% of the power required by the sports and entertainment venue each year. The Bloom Energy Servers will also reduce the Staples Center’s carbon emissions by 39% compared to electricity purchased from the local utility.


The purchase of this new technology for the Staples Center furthers its reputation as the most efficient arena in the world. This project contributes to the sustainability goals created by AEG, owners of the Staples Center.   The mission of AEG 1EARTH is to reduce the company’s environmental impact and drive business value through sustainability for all the company’s assets, including those at more than 100 venues affiliated with its AEG Facilities division.

AEG CEO & President Dan Beckerman said: “It is our hope and intention that our commitment to developing these critical programs and initiatives will challenge and inspire constituents in our industry and extend to our partners and stakeholders in the cities where we do business all over the world.”

Dr. Allen Hershkowitz, Green Sports Alliance President added: “There is no more urgent ecological issue than reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. AEG’s addition of fuel cells to its clean energy mix at Staples Center is another important example of the company’s longstanding leadership in moving the sports industry towards responsible environmental stewardship.”

Bloom is thrilled to be here and celebrate this occasion with Al Gore, and we look forward to many future ‘Bloom powered’ events here at the Staples Center,” said KR Sridhar, CEO and co-founder of Bloom Energy.


Morgan Stanley is installing a Bloom Energy fuel cell system at the firm’s global headquarters in New York City’s Times Square neighbourhood. Morgan Stanley’s second project with Bloom Energy demonstrates how clean energy can be deployed in urban areas like Times Square.       The fuel cell project is expected to be fully operational in late 2016 and will provide approximately 750 kW of high quality power 24×7  to the Morgan Stanley building, equal to approximately 6 million kWh of clean electricity each year.

bloom new york

“Morgan Stanley is committed to investing in technologies that minimize our impact on the environment,” said Chief Operating Officer Jim Rosenthal.  “Following on the success of our fuel cell installation in Purchase, NY, this project further exemplifies how we can improve the sustainability and resiliency of our facilities, while controlling costs and being responsible to our business, our shareholders and our planet.”

Support for this project was provided by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) through a long-term renewable energy credit contract to develop renewable energy projects. John B. Rhodes, President and CEO of NYSERDA said.  “This project is an example of how new and  innovative technologies will help us achieve Governor Cuomo’s vision of an energy system that is cleaner, more resilient and more affordable for all New Yorkers.”

“The recent Paris Climate Accord calls on government and business leaders to re-imagine the way we power the world, and this project in the heart of Manhattan demonstrates how clean distributed energy can be deployed onsite, even in urban areas,” said KR Sridhar of Bloom Energy.  “We applaud Morgan Stanley for their continued commitment to clean energy as well as Governor Cuomo’s administration and NYSERDA for their work to drive adoption of clean distributed generation.”


KR Sridhar of Bloom Energy, Chris Crane of Exelon, and Jim Rosenthal of Morgan Stanley hosted the inaugural ASPIRE Forum, an important thought leadership forum focused on what Fortune 500 stakeholders need to know and the options they have to secure reliable, cost predictable and sustainable electric power to support the growth of their businesses and the economy overall.


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