A new organisation was set up at the recent NEC Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conference in Birmingham. Dr Michaela Kendall of Adelan  explained that there is a global energy trilemma with climate change, urban air pollution and energy security and energy prices as 1.7 billion more people newly access electricity by 2030.


The Midlands Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Network (MHFCN) is addressing all these issues. It will seek to make the region a UK leader in this growing energy technology sector. The four launch presenters, Cllr Lisa Trickett, Matthew Rhodes, Mike Waters and Prof John Jostins represented several significant public and private sector leaders committed to delivering the aims of the network.

The network has multiple benefits from innovative R&D, business investment, manufacture and job creation. It can complement the range of other, particularly local, renewable power generation to produce green hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles as well as static devices.  It will add to the circular economy, so reducing environmental pollution, including carbon emissions. Climate Change Solutions Ltd provides the Secretariat with the Chair, Dr Michaela Kendall, Co-Founder of Adelan Ltd and Visiting Professor at Birmingham City University. 


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