The latest edition of FUEL CELL POWER is now available

The latest edition of FUEL CELL POWER is now available.  The established manufacturers of different types of fuel cells are spreading their markets with clean energy for buildings, electric buses and the first trains.  

Many fuel cells around the world are being powered by hydrogen obtained from renewable sources.  Some of the high temperature fuel cells are powered by natural gas, but the electrochemical process does separate the carbon dioxide, which is being utilised as a refrigerant or as a fertiliser.  The latest advance is the development of the ethanol fuel cell, which enables drivers to use a liquid fuel to replace diesel.

Riversimple, the developers of the hydrogen fuel cell powered Rasa car, are operating their first hydrogen refuelling station for local users of their vehicles. Cygnus Atratus is working with several partners in the transition from diesel fuel to ethanol powered fuel cells.  These have no harmful emissions and using energy from waste is carbon neutral. Both companies are manufacturing vehicles which can be refurbished and recycled on a local basis.

The world’s first energy self-sufficient housing complex in Sweden is powered by solar PV and thermal panels.  Long term energy storage as hydrogen ensures the availability of electricity and heat throughout the Swedish winter, with additional reserves for a fuel cell car.   Sweden is also contributing to the EU’s Hydrogen Highway, with the first hydrogen refuelling station powered by onsite solar energy.

Reports from the presentations given at the 2018 International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference in Birmingham are given, together with a note about the 15th event this year.

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